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Telcos' Guide to the Metaverse - Part 3

Today, games are evolving past being just games. Indeed, many games have evolved past objective-based gameplay (that is, scoring more points, killing more enemies, etc.) into full-fledged digital worlds where players socialise, trade, learn, and more.

With the metaverse fast becoming a mainstream concept, we have prepared this short video series: The Telcos Guide to the Metaverse - highlighting the quickly evolving trends and opportunities in this space.

In Part 1, we covered how metaverse games are fast catching up to conventional social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in terms of active users and (mobile) data used.

In Part 2, we explored the many non-gaming purposes users have found for metaverse games, and took a look at the time being spent on these virtual worlds

In Part 3, we look at the economics of the metaverse - how much money is being spent in comparison to the big social media giants?

Catch more of our insights into gaming and eSports, or our thoughts on the state of other industries like video / OTT:


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