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"Pioneer Consulting has partnered with BBC Studios on a number of projects. We have always valued their deep insights and analysis, in particular the work they did for us on the innovations taking place in the online video sector in China. Their granular dissection of both the business strategy and content demands of these exciting long and short form platforms really helped us hone our strategy in that market"

EVP Asia, BBC Studios


“Pioneer Consulting Asia’s work on online video innovations in China really hit the mark in terms of digging deep into areas and organizations that are shaping the future of China’s video industry.  This is a fast-changing space with reliable information is hard to come by.  In this context, PCA’s analysis, report and presentation were insightful, comprehensive and easy to digest, and it ensured engagement across key stakeholders including our China sales team. After this project, Sony had commissioned PCA to undertake research in other markets.”

Vice President Head of Research for Asia-Pacific and Europe, Sony


"Your [PCA's] previous reports [on viewing habits in Indonesia, China and India] were very useful and we cited your report for our internal analysis"

Head of Digital Media Strategy and Planning, Telkom Indonesia


"Pioneer Consulting Asia produced an excellent in-depth look at the online video industry in China, giving our membership insight into some valuable data and analysis of a particularly challenging market. They delivered several different excellent products based on their research, including a public summary, a detailed report for our member companies, and a high-quality presentation to an industry audience. Feedback on the report and the presentation has been very positive."

Chief Policy Officer, Asia Video Industry Association

"The report in particular was a very comprehensive and well-researched piece of work… CASBAA publishes a lot of reports from various consulting authors around Asia, and I have no hesitation in saying that this was one of the very best, in terms of the quality of the presentation and the language skills underlying the text. It was fluent (required relatively little editing) and also of a remarkable clarity."

Chief Policy Officer, Asia Video Industry Association


"We have previously worked with Pioneer Consulting Asia (PCA) on helping to develop our youth proposition for the Indonesian market. Specifically, we were seeking innovative ideas on how to engage with youth in the key areas such as e-sports & video using best case examples from other markets. PCA has undertaken primary research in India and China. They combined this research with analysis and relevant insights to run an excellent "Ideation Workshop" for us. The output from the workshop helped us to create a clear roadmap of initiatives, understand the implications for our business and ultimately get to market with new ideas a lot quicker. I was very happy with their insights as well as their engaging pragmatic style of working. I hope to be able to leverage PCA's expertise on future projects."

Group Head, XL Axiata

"Pioneer Consulting Asia (PCA) helped us to strengthen our broadband offering by focusing on the content proposition. This covered video, gaming and music. PCA assisted not only in developing strategies for content and convergence (fixed-mobile) but also in key operational areas: undertaking data analytics, developing template contracts for Content Providers, improving the internal processes between Broadband, Finance and Legal departments, shortlisting and acquiring Content Providers, helping with recruiting the content team, developing the marketing plan and designing a pitchbook for XL which was both innovative and effective in the market.

PCA’s team had the right mix of strategy and operational skills, experience of telecoms and content sectors, industry contacts and a "can-do" attitude. PCA worked closely with my team and interacted effectively with XL’s Directors. This enabled us to make progress a lot quicker than we would have by ourselves. I was very happy with their insights and expertise, their energy as well as their engaging pragmatic style of working."

Group Head, XL Home, XL Axiata


"Virat Patel did an excellent job... undertook comprehensive research, developed a pragmatic solution, quantified the benefits and socialized the results (coordinating differing points of view from 15+ stakeholders in Asia, Europe and USA) in a short period of time... as a result of this output we are well placed to expand our business much more rapidly than we would have done otherwise"

VP Commercial, Tata Communications 


"[Virat's team]... has performed exceptionally well and on many occasions gone beyond their original mandate to ensure the project meets the tight deadlines...I would not have been able to accomplish so much on the project had it not been for their professional approach and support to the project"

Associate Director and Programme Leader, Ooredoo


"I was really pleased with Virat Patel and his team. They demonstrated that they understood the dynamics of telecoms industry and the internal challenges – human and process – that we face. The workshops they conducted to up-skill our key managers were effective in helping us move forward and they very well received. Well done!"

Head of Transformation, Digi


"Pioneer's ability to both scope the project with us and provide strong substance was instrumental in delivering a complex piece of work in a short time and tight budget. The team's deep understanding of the Indonesian OTT video market enabled them to execute primary research quickly and effectively which led to clear insights on the potential impact of content regulation on viewing habits"

SVP, Government Relations, Asia Pac, 21st Century Fox

"Our partnership with Pioneer Consulting enabled us to create and implement a successful strategy that prepared our business for the customers of tomorrow. They have an immediate understanding of our needs and they provided invaluable insights that identified the areas of opportunity for us to grow into. Their professionalism makes them a suitable partner for a purposeful organization like us."

Leading Telco in Asia

We are regularly invited to speak at conferences
Our speakers have received excellent feedback

"Thanks all and especially Virat, you were awesome."
Adeel Niazi, Group VP, Fintech, Virgin Mobile 

 "Many thanks for the excellent moderation."

Simon Perkins, CEO, Cellcard

"Was a great session … cheers."

Shabab Muhaddes, General Manager, Vesta
"Thanks everyone for this excellent discussion. And special thanks to the moderator for a great job!"

Filippo Giachi, Managing Director & VP, DOCOMO Digital


“I remember Virat and the excellent panel discussion he facilitated very well…he did a great job commanding the floor without overshadowing the panellists.”


“I really enjoyed the panel…the setup of the session on eWallets was excellent, with (Virat’s) presentation contrasting the views on eWallets and Superapp services against banks’ services very well. I was particularly interested in how he showcased the eWallet platforms across the region and their ‘origins’."

“It was a great transition from your presentation setting up the context (and introducing both the speakers’ companies in the ecosystem), followed by the opening questions for our discussion”

“I like the way (Virat) set up the context by hosting a short presentation before our discussion…it was good to help the audience understand this topic better”

“I would be very interested in discussing how we can build on the event for next year in Manila, following a very successful collaboration this year. I thought your panel was excellent and this was certainly reflected in the delegate feedback.”

Conference Organiser


“Pioneer Consulting Asia’s deep insights to the telco market needs and input to our research helps us shape our conference agendas to address the most burning industry topics. Their strong industry connections allow us to connect with leading telco executives in the ASEAN region. The team always does a fantastic job on the conference stage – whether presenting, moderating interactive debates, interviewing experts, hosting an awards ceremony or else.”

Conference Organiser


“(Virat) did the most wonderful interview - well structured, insightful…great blend of fireside chat and Spanish Inquisition. It was like watching Michael Parkinson on stage.”

Ian Sharpe, CEO, Promethean TV

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