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PCA Game On! Webinar Series - Episode 3

Game On! is a webinar series hosted by Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA), showcasing major hot-button trends, opportunities, and challenges emerging in the gaming and eSports industries with the potential to affect the core business strategies and roadmaps of a range of stakeholders - including those beyond the gaming and eSports ecosystem.

In this episode, we looked at three hot-button issues:

  • Rise of the Metaverse

  • Streaming Ad Wars

  • Development of Next-Gen Consoles

If you missed it, catch the VODs of our previous episodes here:

Watch Episode 2 Fragmentation of the App Store, Maturation of the eSports Industry, M&As in Gaming and eSports

Watch Episode 1 Gaming as a Driver of 5G in Asia, Engaging Users through Casual Gaming Tournaments, Gaming and eSports in the Home

Catch the recording of our webinar below:

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