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OTT Summit 2022: How will 5G Change the Game for Asian Streaming Services?

In March 2022, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) was invited to moderate at the OTT Summit 2022 on how 5G will change the game for Asian streaming services.

According to a report by GlobalData, by 2023, the APAC region is predicted to have 477 million 5G subscriptions. The mass deployment of 5G will change the future for many industries, including video streaming services. The big question is which service provider will catch the tailwinds first. What are some of the new business models and new revenue opportunities that 5G will offer? Does the industry really need 5G? Is 5G the solution for scaling up the video business and how can the industry leverage on 5G networks to improve content delivery for all?

Catch the video recording of Virat's session below:

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