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Mobile Video Preferences in Myanmar - Highlights

Just three years ago, mobile penetration in Myanmar was below 10% with only one service provider in the market. Today there are 3 major players with a new 4th player entering the market in 2017. Mobile penetration is expected to reach 90% soon with 66% of mobile subscribers owning smart phones. Increased competition has also produced improved network bandwidth, a drive to 4G and lower mobile tariffs with ARPUs dropping 45% since 2013.

As prices go down and mobile network connectivity improves, mobile subscribers in Myanmar are moving towards increased video consumption on their mobile devices as the country leapfrogs both PCs and fixed broadband.

How can content providers and telcos position themselves to monetize this rising trend in mobile content consumption today?

Content providers and telcos should offer short format made-for-mobile content featuring music videos, news recaps, or funny clips targeted at 15-34 year olds at the right price points.

This will not be easy to achieve – it will require investment, the right expertise and attention to detail.

Our infographic shows time spent on watching videos and male/female preferences. If you need in-depth info on consumer preferences in Myanmar, the TV landscape or analysis of recent telecoms developments please contact us at


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