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Market Research Highlights - Consumers’ Online Video Viewing Habits in Indonesia & the Philippines

Highlights from PCA’s 2018 Market Research on Consumers’ Online Video Viewing Habits in Indonesia and the Philippines

Following the recent release of PCA’s online video reports covering Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand, we are excited to announce our upcoming reports on online video viewing habits in Indonesia and Philippines.

As the industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, PCA’s reports provide insights into consumers’ evolving behaviours.

Below are highlights from these upcoming reports which polled online urban residents 18 years and older across multiple cities in each country.

Indonesia Highlights

Mobile video viewership continues strong growth in Indonesia. Since our 2017 survey, the number of respondents watching online video content on their mobile device has increased from 91% to 95%. There was also a significant increase in the number of respondents watching video for 1 hour or longer with 41% doing so in 2018 compared 28% in 2017.

Other highlights include:

  • YouTube is the most commonly used application to watch online video content by a margin of over 28% of respondents, followed by Instagram and Facebook in third place.

  • However, Facebook ranks higher than Instagram with male respondents, while Instagram was preferred by female viewers.

  • Among respondents with paid subscriptions, the ability to download and watch the latest shows were cited as the main reasons for signing up

  • The biggest motivator for those planning to sign up was ad-free viewing.


Mobile viewing proved ubiquitous in the Philippines among urban smartphone owners with 100% of connected respondents saying they watched online video on their mobile phone. 85% of these reported spending more than 30 minutes daily.

Other highlights include:

  • Online subscription services have started to gain traction with 51% of respondents saying they had signed up for a paid service’s free trial in the last 12 months.

  • Respondents with subscriptions cited access to the latest content as their favorite feature

  • Unlike in Indonesia, non-subscribers in the Philippines cited the ability to download and watch videos offline as the most attractive feature of a subscription service

  • The most popular reason for not subscribing to a paid service was access to the same content on free sites as that offered on paid services, which PCA used as a proxy for piracy.

For more insights into which features and content are driving online video usage and subscription in Asia, as well as who’s leading the space on a country by country basis by number of subscribers, please email for information on how to purchase full versions of PCA’s 2018 primary research reports.


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