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Hear us speak at Cloud Expo Asia!

Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) has been invited to speak at Cloud Expo Asia. Join our MD, Virat Patel, as he speaks on Payments: the silent (but important) element of emerging digital innovations.

Our Speakers:

Payments: the silent (but important) element of emerging digital innovations

Date: 23 Sep 2020

Time: 3.50PM (GMT+8)


With the emergence of new technologies and innovations comes the emergence of new demands, expectations, and preferences from consumers eager to take advantage of new services. Against this backdrop, industry players must be aware of developments in payments as well – today, cash, telecom billing and even credit cards are losing popularity; consumers are demanding access to different payment methods beyond cards, like eWallets, ePayments, cryptocurrencies, etc.

  1. Key questions are: 1. What are the latest developments in eWallet and digital payments… 2. …and how will they impact different industries? 3. Why should industry players pay attention to digital payments in the first place? 4. How can industry players capitalise on payments technology to proactively meet consumer demands? 5. What are consumers’ ePayments-related preferences, and how do they differ in developed and developing countries? 

Find out more and register for Cloud Expo Asia here!

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