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AVIA Thailand in View: The Pursuit of Growth in Thailand's OTT Market

iQiyi, China's largest OTT video streaming service, is breaking new ground in the entertainment space and expanding its international footprint with Thailand being one of its key markets.

In this session, PCA MD Virat Patel shared key insights from PCA's proprietary consumer insights research in Thailand and led a fireside chat with iQiYi International's VP of International Business Department and GM Thailand, Kelvin Yau.

Virat and Kelvin explored iQiyi’s OTT roadmap for the next 2 years in the Thai market and answered two burning questions:

  • How does iQiYi plan to target and drive new sources of growth for local and premium OTT content?

  • What is the status of its launch of more technology and partnership initiatives to meet local (Thai) needs?

Catch the recap of Virat's session at AVIA: Thailand in View below:

PCA Consumer Research Series: The Impact Of COVID-19 on Online Viewing Habits in Thailand and Implications for the New Normal - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has caused unprecedented changes to consumers’ daily lives and media habits in Thailand. As we enter the post COVID-19 “new normal” there is considerable uncertainty. Media companies, telcos and others are asking several questions, including:

• How have viewing habits changed?

• Which changes will be temporary and which will be long lasting?

• What are the implications for my strategies and business plans for 2020/21?

PCA has conducted in-country primary research between Feb and May 2020 to understand the changing video viewing habits and consumer preferences in Thailand. As in previous years, our research focused on online/OTT viewing but, in 2020, we have been able to delve deeper into viewing habits during the lockdown.

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