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Computer Games
Episode 1 - VOD


The games industry has already grown larger than music, box office, and home entertainment (DVD + Streaming) combined. With COVID-19 confining us to our homes driving up online activities, international gaming experts, IDG Consulting (IDG), forecasts that by end of 2020, the games sector will even outgrow linear TV globally.

​The first episode of our Game On! webinar series covered three topics:

  • Gaming as a driver of 5G in Asia

  • Engaging Casual Gamers

  • Gaming in the Home

Catch up on the action through our VOD!

PCA Game On! Webinar Episode 1
Play Video

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we'll be discussing these topics:

  • Fragmentation of the App Store

  • M&As in the Gaming Industry

  • eSports - A Maturing Industry?

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