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Video Production
A New Horizon for Video

Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) was invited to speak at the AVIA Asia Video Summit 2020. Our MD, Virat Patel, led a discussion on new platforms, new technologies, and new business models in the video / streaming / OTT industries.


In this session, we explore how video could be extended into new platforms like gaming, what are the new technologies (AR/VR) and new business models evolving. How can content providers see this as an opportunity for content creation and monetisation?


​Virat was joined by:

  • Shad Hashmi, Co-Chairperson, AVIA OTT Group

  • Jil Go, VP - Content Business Group / Get Entertained Tribe, Globe Telecom

Catch the recording of our session below!

AVIA Summit Extending Video Into Other Entertainment
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