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Innovative New Ideas in Payments Coming Your Way

Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) was invited to speak at the AVIA Asia Video Summit 2020. Our MD, Virat Patel, hosted a panel discussing the emerging innovations in payments and monetisation strategy in the OTT space.


The video streaming market has seen unprecedented growth in terms of users and revenue over the past few years. As the streaming industry continues to grow, strategic monetisation strategies will be a key factor in determining which companies are successful in attracting and retaining consumers. We explore new actionable monetization strategies; how to keep subscribers engaged and coming back; subscription monetization tools needed for OTT to achieve recurring revenue success; and real-world examples to learn from.


​Virat was joined by panellists bringing experience from both developed and developing markets:

  • Filippo Giachi, MD for Asia-Pacific, DOCOMO Digital

  • Justin Ang, Deputy Group CCO, TRUE Corporation

Catch the recording of our session below!

AVIA Summit - Innovative Payment Ideas Coming Your Way
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