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Driving user engagement and monetisation in Video, Music, and Gaming by embracing disruptive technologies


Competition is intensifying across almost every industry, and the primary question most organizations have is, how can we set ourselves apart from the rest? The answer lies in creating something completely new and groundbreaking, something that competitors have not yet thought of, and that would take others years of research to develop.


As new developments emerge, how can we identify those relevant to our business, and those that we may capitalise on?

This report explores new disruptive trends that, if properly capitalised on, could give a significant first-mover advantage, and that are likely to have significant influence on your business in the coming years.


We focus on the following areas:

  • Improving engagement through voice search and voice assistants,

  • Leveraging on computer vision to differentiate content,

  • Capitalising on the future of wearable and foldable technology,

  • Enabling new content and driving engagement through 5G, and

  • Monetising through blockchain in video, music, and eCommerce

Table of Contents

1. Voice-based search and voice assistants

  • Entertainment discovery / threats to brand visibility

  • New customer touchpoints and need for standardised brand persona

  • Emergence of Smart Home ecosystems

  • Voice commerce and related strategies


2. Computer vision

  • Applications to eCommerce and online retail – image search and recognition

    • Case Study: the shopping experience of the future – take-and-go

  • Experience enhancers and the viewing experience of the future

  • Sponsorship and advertising ROI measurement


3. Foldables and Wearables

  • Future developments in screen technology and impact on content provision

  • Integration of technology with everyday clothing – case studies

4. 5G

  • Potential early use cases for 5G and roadmap

    • Case Study: 5G as an enabler for VR and eSports streaming

    • Case Study: 5G and the new mixed reality experience

  • Views of key stakeholders – vendors, telcos, financiers and analysts

  • Views of end-users


5. Blockchain and the future of digital identities

  • What is blockchain, and what are its use cases?

  • Telcos as a gatekeeper for subscriber internet access

  • Implementing and monetising Identity-as-a-Service in the eCommerce context

  • Examples of music and video monetisation via blockchain

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

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