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New Monetisation Strategies of Innovative Asian OTT Players in Long Form Video


Video is a content driver with a wide array of genres, which means there’s something for everyone. Innovation has gathered pace and competition amongst video platforms has intensified, resulting in new monetisation models and differentiation strategies to generate different content and secure audience engagement. Creating an effective strategy is difficult and time-consuming, but platforms cannot afford to stick to status quo.


What are some new strategies to monetise long form videos, and how can you adapt these ideas to your own domain?

This report covers industry trends and forecasts in subscription and advertising based video, maps the different developments in the various video-on-demand (VOD) sectors, identifies major monetisation strategies, examines content genres prevalent in the VOD market and highlights case studies from China, India and SE Asia.


We focus on the following key areas:

  • Monetising the subscriber base through VIP memberships and premium features

  • Strategies for growing subscription and conversion rates in SVOD

  • Increasing user engagement rates and improving data collection capabilities through innovations in advertising / AVOD

  • Generating stronger revenue streams from sports through value-added content

  • Improving viewership and capturing previously untapped markets by championing local content

  • Identifying and analysing the strategic impact of the current direction of the SVOD and AVOD markets

Table of Contents

1. Global market trends and developments

2. SVOD Conversion and Monetisation Strategies

  • Monetising through VIP memberships:

    • China case study: iQiYi/Tencent and VIP conversion strategies

    • India case study: Hotstar and customer segmentation

  • Increasing focus on family-related content

    • EdTech – Byju-Disney partnership

    • Targeting tweens – Disney-China Telecom tie-up

  • Expanding potential userbase through strategic partnerships:

    • China case study: iQiYi and China Telecom


3. Growing AVOD revenues:

  • China case study: China Mobile and developments in advertising strategy

  • US case study: Amazon FireTV – consumer sentiment on advertising

  • Indonesia case study: OONA’s gamification approach to advertising

  • Sourse’s ad targeting strategy

  • AVOD in the Indonesian context


4. Promoting Sports Content

  • Global trends and developments in sports and streaming

    • New content delivery methods

    • Microsegmentation and sachet pricing strategies

  • Emerging industry-wide trends

  • Future of sports streaming

  • US case study: Instagram and Snapchat’s content strategies and their appeal to younger audiences

  • Fantasy sports trends and developments

  • Off-season monetisation strategies

  • China case study: iQiyi, Sina Weibo, and Tencent’s sports offerings

  • India case study: Jio/Hotstar collaboration in sports streaming


5. Championing Local Content

  • Partnering local content providers in both OTT and FTA

  • Case study: OVO and aggregation of local sports, podcasts, and radio

  • India case study: Alt Balaji and regionalised content, Tata Sky Binge and collaboration with localised OTT platforms

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

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