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Music and More – Growing through Innovation in the Asian Music Industry


The hunger for more and better content has infected most content-related industries, and music is no exception. Recorded music is no longer enough; today’s consumers want audio content, not mere music. Even within the music arena, new platforms in Asia are emerging with unique ways of offering the same content. With a diverse array of audio content – audio books, podcasts, TED talks, etc. – and multiple sources for such content, it is difficult for a music platform to know what genres of audio content to offer, and where to get it from (through proprietary, new content? Or through a partnership with an established content creator?)


What are the latest in engagement and monetisation, and what are the new product lines in the music industry?


This report covers developments in the music industry in China, India and SE Asia and the ways that various music platforms are expanding their product offerings to meet the demands of consumers, examines how these platforms create consumer engagement to encourage user stickiness, and explores their monetisation strategies.


We focus on the following key ideas:

  • Strategic partnerships as a content creation and publication strategy

  • Revisiting revenue generation: monetising music and audio through subscriptions and VIP memberships

  • Encouraging user stickiness and driving engagement with content

  • Capitalising on ongoing trends in the music scene (such as moving to subscription-based models and offering premium VIP add-ons to improve the listening experience)

  • Securing future content creators and their fanbases through talent management hubs

  • Innovating to go beyond music offerings into other forms of audio – audiobooks, podcasts, lectures, ‘audio dramas’, radio, karaoke, etc.

Table of Contents

1. Global recorded music trends and shifts towards music streaming

  • Dominance of music streaming platforms

  • Importance of localised music

  • Emergence of audio-sharing/broadcasting and mobile KTV apps


2. Expanding beyond music

  • Different types of audio content offered by music platforms

  • Partnerships with content creators

  • Monetisation strategies


3. Value-added content – making music more engaging

  • Mobile KTV

  • Music-related games

  • 3D sound


4. Engaging Userbases: case studies from China and India

  • Building communities and growing networks

  • Tapping on key opinion leaders / influencers in driving engagement

  • Integrating voice search in local languages and leveraging on voice to drive user engagement amongst less literate userbases

  • Increasing flexibility for subscribers through low priced plans and multi-channel content


5. Competing against Global Giants: Case study of Indonesia’s Joox

How Joox manages to hold its own against Spotify with a combination of unique features


6. Creating engagement in audio and music

  • Capitalising on the latest and hottest trends: case study of KPop in the Philippines and Korea

  • Championing tomorrow’s top hits through in-house talent management teams

  • Positioning as a content creator


7. Subscription / VIP membership monetisation model

  • Perks / additional premium content provided to VIP members

  • Pricing strategies of content platforms in China

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

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