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Explosive growth in eSports and digital gaming arising from innovative Asian strategies

Gaming was once seen as a mere simple pastime unworthy of much attention; eSports was laughable and non-existent, but today, both industries are growing fast and capturing headlines. These sectors can no longer be ignored. Yet, because these sectors are in their infancy, many players are still experimenting with monetisation and engagement strategies.

How can we adapt these innovations to drive our own growth in gaming and eSports?

This report highlights the explosive growth trends in gaming and eSports, examines key revenue drivers, and explores the convergence of games with video and music.


We focus on the following key areas:

  • The convergence of conventional content (especially in video, music, and eCommerce) with virtual worlds, and the implications on user engagement, monetisation, and marketing strategy

  • Use cases for gaming that have not previously been explored, such as gaming as a dating tool – and how these can allow you to engage and monetise previously untapped customer bases

  • Building engagement and establishing mindshare in the eSports community through peripheral (non-game related) content

  • Expanding the addressable market and growing the userbase by increasing accessibility to gaming and eSports

  • Outlining the key audiences, target customer bases, major revenue drivers, and future monetisation opportunities in gaming and eSports

Table of Contents

1. State of the global gaming and eSports market, and trending game genres in eSports

  • Different forms of partnerships amongst different players in the gaming ecosystem

  • Forecasting future developments in mobile eSports

  • China case study: assessing the Chinese eSports market, Chinese focus on mobile eSports, and potential future growth trajectories

  • India case study: Nazara Technologies and localised gaming


2. Convergence and integration of real life content with games

  • O2O marketing

  • Real life events hosted in games (and related case studies)

  • In-game advertising (and related case studies)


3. Growing engagement within the eSports community

  • The popularity of eSports betting and live streaming

  • In game skins as a monetisation and advertising strategy

  • Creation of talent management ecosystems to nurture local talent

  • Establishing hubs/ecosystems for eSports and gaming fans

    • Indonesia case study: Dunia Games’ eSports portal

  • Building the eSports base through promoting casual games and giving everyday fans the means to run their own eSports tournaments

    • Indonesia case study: Telkomsel’s eSports tournaments and mobile game, XL Axiata’s amateur eSports leagues / tournaments


4. Cloud Gaming – the future of gaming

  • What is cloud gaming?

  • Case studies – pricing and operations models of global and local players


5. The popularity of AR gaming

  • Monetisation models of AR games

  • Future trends and developments in AR

6. Hyperpersonalising gaming – segmenting the customer base

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

Illustrative Output - Explosive growth i
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