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Capturing audiences through Asian innovations in ecosystems and superapps


“We have an app for that”

Apps have become commonplace and pervasive throughout almost every industry today. Indeed, the problem for users now is not whether or not an app for something exists, but rather which app to use – there are simply too many in existence. We are therefore seeing a move towards consolidation and amalgamation, with the emergence of all-encompassing super-apps that are more than the sum of their parts, that handle almost all the day-to-day functions a user could need, and that users quite literally could not live without.

These super-apps have created entire ecosystems that revolve around them, and created lucrative new revenue models. A new development is the fan economy which is based on engaging audiences in different ways across video, music and gaming.

How can we learn from Asian innovations and ride the super-app wave in our own markets, and benefit from the captive audiences these apps have?

This report explores the trends and recent developments in major super-apps in China, India and SE Asia, and investigates the different dimensions of the fan economy ecosystem.

We focus on the following key areas:

  • Identifying the key elements of ecosystems and superapps, and assessing their recent trends

  • Demonstrating the strategic potential of superapp partnerships

  • Disrupting PayTV with an alternative proposition

  • Investigating opportunities in the emerging fan economy that applies across video, music and gaming

  • Showcasing the monetisation models and engagement strategies of key fan economy players

Table of Contents

1. What is a Superapp?​


2. Developments in Superapps

  • Reliance Jio: Telecoms, India

  • WeChat: Messaging, China

  • Grab: Transport, SEA

  • Gojek: Lifestyle/Transport, SEA

  • Facebook: Social media, Global

3. Key ingredients of a superapp explained

  • WeChat’s ecosystem structure

  • Reliance Jio’s consolidation into a superapp

4.  Aggregation in video content

  • Up-and-coming PayTV killers

  • Pricing strategies by video service consolidators

  • Telcos and aggregator apps

  • Death of the set-top box

5. What drives the fan economy?

  • Monetisation strategies and revenue streams

6. Case studies: the fan economy in video, music, eCommerce, and gaming

7. Talent management ecosystems: consolidation in the fan economy

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

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