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Asian eCommerce innovation: Enabling Digital Lives


Online shopping has been around for years. However, it is now expanding as an industry – we are no longer restricted to buying groceries or books online; we are seeing forays into services like education, and the gig economy (taking on freelance work online) is fast becoming a career option for many. For companies, the prevalence of online commerce has created additional monetisation opportunities through the use of affiliate marketing.


Learning from Asian experience, how can you become the driving force behind your customers’ digital lives?

This report identifies recent innovations in eCommerce from China, India and Indonesia, examines emerging eCommerce product lines, assesses new affiliate marketing opportunities and strategies, and explores new revenue drivers.

We focus on the following key areas:

  • Monetising through scaling in affiliate marketing and social commerce – bridging the gap between SMEs and resellers

  • Building relationships with and engaging your userbase through supporting online education – a rapidly emerging digital sector

  • Advancing your users’ digital livelihoods by supporting the increasing demand for access to the Gig Economy

  • Leveraging on other content and product verticals to expand into eCommerce and secure a greater market presence, even if your core business is not commerce

Table of Contents

1. State of the eCommerce industry

  • Popular platforms in China, India, and Indonesia

  • Growth trends and forecasts in eCommerce

2. Scaling affiliate marketing

  • Enabling affiliate marketing as a middleman and providing eCommerce platforms – case studies from India

  • White-labelling travel services – case study from Europe

  • Taking a bite out of food delivery – case studies from China

3. Enabling digital lives

  • Developments in online education – growing prevalence of online courses and education for both professionals and laypersons

  • The gig economy – allowing people to earn money online without a ‘traditional’ job through a per-project format

  • Sales of peripheral (and proprietary) devices as a means of tapping into eCommerce

  • Policing and minimising online fraud as a gateway to the Internet

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

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