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How is the Content Space Evolving?

Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific's MD, Virat Patel, was invited to speak at the Total Telecoms Congress 2020 in the UK. Virat hosted a panel discussing the evolution and future of the content space, bringing his experience and insights from across Asia-Pacific to the Western context.

Virat's panel included experts and industry practictioners and discussed five hot-button issues in content and media, providing an Asian angle on industry developments and strategy in the European context:

  1. The importance of video, gaming (including eSports) and other content for Orange

  2. Developments in gaming (especially cloud gaming), consumer preferences, and impact of COVID19 on the gaming industry

  3. Views on monetisation (subscription, advertising, in-app purchases, etc.)

  4. Challenges for platforms (i.e. Orange) and content publishers/ developers (i.e. Hatch and Blacknut)

  5. Trends and developments we will see in next 1-2 years


Catch up on the action through our VOD, covering Virat's presentation prior to the panel discussion!

This video has been deleted.

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