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The Impact Of COVID-19 on Online Viewing Habits in Indonesia and Implications for the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has caused unprecedented changes to consumers’ daily lives and media habits in Indonesia. As we enter the post COVID-19 “new normal” there is considerable uncertainty. Media companies, telcos and others are asking several questions, including:
• How have viewing habits changed?
• Which changes will be temporary and which will be long lasting?
• What are the implications for my strategies and business plans for 2020/21?
Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) has conducted in-country primary research between Feb and May 2020 to understand the changing video viewing habits in Indonesia. As in previous years, our research focused on online/OTT viewing but, in 2020, we have been able to delve deeper into viewing habits during the lockdown
To help you with business planning, we have produced PCA Perspectives, which set out our views on how the industry – both globally and locally – will evolve over the next few years. We have also forecasted key metrics (such as revenue and sub base) for the AVOD and SVOD markets in Indonesia.
Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Overview


2 Results from PCA’s 2020 Indonesian Consumer Viewing Habits Research

2.1 Research Methodology And Survey Demographic Profiles
2.2 Quantitative Survey Results

2.2.1 Mobile Usage and OTT Viewing Habits
2.2.2 Content Preferences
2.2.3 Subscription Habits
2.2.4 Views on Advertising

2.3 Qualitative Interview Findings


3 PCA Perspectives - implications for the new normal over the next two years

3.1 Summary of PCA Perspectives
3.2 In-depth description

4 Forecasts for AVOD and SVOD markets in Indonesia

4.1 Key findings from AVOD and SVOD forecasts
4.2 AVOD forecast methodology and assumptions

4.3 AVOD forecast results

4.4 SVOD forecast methodology and assumptions

4.5 SVOD forecast results

Image by Afif Kusuma
Download the full report extract:

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This report is 125+ pages long and covers qualitative and quantitative primary research from a diversified respondent panel across Indonesia.

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