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Capitalising on Gaming's Meteoric Rise in Asia-Pacific


The games industry has already grown larger than music, box office, and home entertainment (DVD + Streaming) combined, and the COVID19 pandemic has only fuelled this growth:

Market size of gaming PCA.jpg

Exhibit 1: Market size of different entertainment sectors - incl. gaming

Source: IDG analysis

It's not easy to capitalise on this trend

But, as an emerging industry, sector dynamics and economics are constantly in a state of flux. Growth has been wildly uneven in different markets across the world. In addition, consumers in different regions have significantly different behaviours, tastes, and preferences – what works in one market may not in another.

As we move to the “new normal”, the game sector offers lots of growth opportunities. What are the critical impacts from COVID-19 and other trends that investors, games developers/ publishers and distributors should note?


Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) has partnered with IDG to publish a syndicated report series focusing on global developments in the gaming market.


Our reports include:

  • Our proprietary industry models and forecasts on the games market – in SEA and other major markets globally

  • Detailed commentary on major macroeconomic events and their impact on the gaming market

  • Proprietary insights and analysis on:

    • Key industry observations and emerging trends

    • Moves by big industry players e.g. M&As

    • Emerging market trends broken down by region

Our reports are updated regularly to account for new developments and trends in a fast-paced market.

About IDG Consulting

IDG Consulting is a leading gaming consultancy specialising in research, strategic consulting, and data analytics in the gaming and eSports industry. IDG are trusted advisors and partners to the top gaming, esports, technology, media, retail, and investment companies around the world, counting world-renowned organisations such as Activision, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Riot Games, Tencent Games, etc. amongst its clientele.

Please contact us if you are interested in subscribing.

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