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Paying with a Phone


With the emergence of new technologies and innovations comes the emergence of new demands, expectations, and preferences from consumers eager to take advantage of new services.


Against this backdrop, players in all industries must be aware of developments in payments as well – today, cash, direct telecoms billing and even credit cards are losing popularity; consumers are demanding access to different payment methods beyond cards, like eWallets, ePayments, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Inside ePayments

In this series, we showcase excerpts from our research into different developments in ePayments - including in eWallets, digital banking, and other Fintech-related trends. Currently, we cover:

  • The Emergence of eWallets

  • Drivers of and Barriers to Adoption of eWallets

  • New! Growth strategies adopted by ePayments platforms

eWallets - where are they from.JPG

We will be releasing new insights on this page - check back soon!

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