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Helping telcos achieve meaningful results and value-adding beyond connectivity in the Digital Services ecosystem

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Today’s telecoms market is a highly competitive one. To differentiate themselves, many telcos have launched digital services, more often than not through partnerships with internationally-recognised brands: think Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

But, despite telcos’ efforts to market and monetise these digital services, the overall impact is generally minimal, contributing single-digit percentages to the bottom line. Their strategies are either limited to ‘me-too’ plays, or innovative visions that pose serious implementational challenges. The reality is that today’s digital services are readily available to consumers over the top, unlike the value-added services of the past which delivered attractive profit margins.

Undeniably, digital services play an ever more important (and growing) role in the lives of subscribers, especially in the COVID and 5G era, but telcos have struggled to add material value to this ecosystem beyond connectivity.

How can telcos achieve meaningful results and value-add with their digital services portfolio?

To answer this question (and more), Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific has authored a Digital Services Playbook, which covers:

  • The situation in digital services today in the COVID and 5G era

  • Consumers' pain points in an OTT environment

  • Addressing consumers' pain points effectively

  • Strategies and steps to achieving results with digital services

Download the full Digital Services Playbook:

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