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Interested in a career with PCA?
We are on the lookout for individuals to join our strategy consulting practice, especially those who are:
Investment Chart
Desk and Stationery
An Expert In
PowerPoint & Excel
Male Speaker
Successful Manager
Returning Consultant (Experienced Hire)
Analyzing Graphs
Business Analyst
Business Executive
Intern (Analyst)
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Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific has adopted the Tripartite Standards, and has committed to be a fair and progressive employer



It was a great experience, particularly because at a boutique firm there isn’t any red tape or bureaucratic processes that I needed to spend time on – this allowed me to experience a lot of different projects, and do hands-on work on different areas and subjects. Seeing the final product of my work was very satisfying, especially when it was used in an actual presentation.

Kelda, NTU - 2019

I had a pretty good experience at Pioneer – I could better see and understand why I was doing certain things as compared to my previous internships where the purpose wasn’t as clear to me. In terms of mentorship, there was a good balance – at the start I received more guidance as I was still new, but I got a lot of autonomy when I gained more experience – this was great as it allowed me to learn to structure and frame my own work. I particularly liked the research and strategy development part of things - discovering new insights and thinking about what that potentially means for our clients in the terms of their strategy.

Sammie, SMU – 2019/2020

I interned with Pioneer consulting Asia in the summer of 2019. I had a really enriching and enlightening experience working at the company. This internship allowed me to improve on my analytical skills and I gained much more knowledge and insight into the field of management consulting. Moreover, I also had amazing supervisors who were always willing to guide me and help me improve every single day at work. I was assigned to really interesting real-life projects which gave me a very good understanding of the OTT and the media industry in the Asia region. Overall, this was one of the best internships I have done so far.

Praharsh, SMU - Summer 2019

The projects I was involved in were very interesting and I learnt a lot from working on those. I appreciated the deep level of involvement I got in different types of projects, even to the point of getting to present to our clients. The environment was very welcoming and the work enjoyable – I would definitely do this again if given the chance.

Stefan, SMU - 2019

This internship was a very hands-on experience. I gained extensive knowledge in conducting market research via drafting and distributing surveys while satisfying client’s requirements and company’s budget. Analysing and graphing data into a statistics report allowed me to learn to analyse large sets of data as well as made me competent in using the new software MarketSight. The supervisors I worked with provided almost-instant feedback as well as great insights into helping me do my job more efficiently.

Nirat, Thailand, 2017

I worked as an intern in Pioneer Consulting Asia in the Summer break of my Second Year as an Undergraduate student at SMU and had a wonderful experience. This was one of my first internships and I could not have hoped for a better learning opportunity. Working in a small team gave me the chance to get involved with different projects from the first day. Virat and David were both very approachable and were always willing to assist and give career advice. The skills (Presentation Skills, Research Skills etc.)  I took away from this internship experience have helped me immensely in my other roles. 

Harshit, SMU - 2016

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