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For a leading media group in Singapore’s broadcasting space, we developed a FTA and 360 Youth strategy


The Client Context

  • The client was looking into launching a new youth offering, and required assistance in deciding on the type of offering, content strategy and the approach to take

  • Apart from the content strategy and programming grid for the channel, the client needed to develop a comprehensive 360 strategy which would include a digital offering, social media hooks, radio, live events and print


  • Develop a  FTA Youth Channel strategy

  • Develop a 360 strategy which aligns with company’s existing media portfolio (events, social media, radio and print)

  • Develop a branding and financing strategy to support the FTA Youth Channel + 360 strategy

What We Did To Help

Primary research: Youth study and focus groups

  • Carried out a primary market research survey and focus group studies amongst the youth in Singapore to understand youth media consumption habits

Strategy development

  • Positioning: Identified the ideal demographic and psychographic positioning of the channel

  • Content strategy: Formulated the content strategy for the channel which included recommendations on the optimum mix of 1) local vs acquired content, 2) professional vs pro-sumer content and 3) high vs mid vs low cost content

  • 360 strategy: Developed a detailed 360 strategy which included the  use of digital, events, social media, radio and print along with TV; also developed detailed 360 concepts for chosen shows

  • Branding and financing strategy: Developed a branding strategy for the channel which included recommendations on brand personality, graphics & packaging and cross-marketing strategy. Recommended a financing strategy with a pre-channel launch revenue sourcing strategy

Strategy implementation plan

  • Developed a youth customized genre based programming grid to appeal to different age and gender demographics within the youth segment

  • Recommended a channel launch and transition strategy in order to ensure minimum disruption to the group’s existing bouquet of channels

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