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We developed a new home entertainment proposition revolving around video, music, gaming, and eCommerce for a challenger in Singapore


The Client Context

  • Our client was undertaking an organization-wide transformation exercise and wanted to develop a compelling home entertainment strategy as part of this exercise. They wished to understand the content available and the implications on technology, business models, and costs

  • In addition, our client believed that a window of opportunity was opening in the gaming market as their competitors had yet to venture fully into gaming, and were fully focused on other content offerings; our client therefore wished to capitalize on this by exploring opportunities centered around the latest developments in gaming (e.g. cloud gaming)


  • Identify appropriate content partners (CPs) to support the strategy

  • Formulate content strategy for the proposition

  • Understand local consumers’ view on content, CP preferences, and views on technology

  • Develop strategic scenarios for presentation to the client’s Board

What We Did To Help

  • Conducted landscape scans to identify relevant CPs, and spearheaded discussions between selected CPs and our client by leveraging on our business network

  • Analysed CP availability, proposed business model, distribution channels, and willingness-to-partner; prioritised and recommended CPs to pursue

  • Examined the client’s customer base and conducted primary research to understand consumer preferences and sentiment towards proposed strategic scenarios and content offerings

  • Conducted secondary research to identify new developments in content

  • Crafted different strategic scenarios with different levels of content and investment and created cost-benefit models to analyse potential ROI

  • Prepared and presented final recommendations based on scenario analysis to client’s Board, and facilitated top-level strategy discussion between client’s C-suite and Board members

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