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We assessed the Philippines’s traditional and digital TV landscape for a leading international content provider


The Client Context

  • Our client, a leading  international content provider, has been selling channels (in Kids, Entertainment and News channels) to pay TV companies in the region

  • It now wishes to increase it business in the Philippines and find opportunities in local content production

  • However, it require an in-depth understanding of the market (i.e. FTA, pay TV, digital and mobile markets, the major media groups, international competitors in pay TV) and media regulations

  • We were tasked to assess the Philippines media and content market and identify commercial opportunities


  • What is the Philippines media and content market like?

  • What are the commercial opportunities in the Philippines?

What We Did To Help

We provided a comprehensive assessment of the Philippines landscape:

  • Major media groups (e.g. key business interests, revenue profile, digital propositions, future plans and SWOT analysis)

  • Free-to-air channels (e.g. content genre spilt, programming description, audience share, advertising spend share)

  • Pay-TV platforms (e.g. channel genre spilt, revenue, future plans)

  • Digital and mobile operators (e.g. key business interests, revenue profile)

  • International content providers (e.g. local presence, content and distribution, partnership with local players, future priorities)

  • Local content providers (e.g. content and distribution, future priorities)

  • Media regulations (e.g. foreign investment law, status of DTT)

We also identified potential commercial opportunities for the client in the Philippines:

  • Content sales opportunities – working/partnering with local media players and content providers

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