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We conducted international benchmarking of marketing quick wins to identify new revenue streams for a challenger mobile operator in Malaysia


The Client Context

  • Our client wishes to understand what marketing initiatives are challenger operators doing both locally and internationally, and identify which are the best practices to incorporate based on the feasibility of the domestic market as well as constraints faced by the telco


  • To identify international benchmarks for marketing quick wins for short-term revenue uplift

  • To select prioritized quick-win initiatives for roll out in the short and medium term

What We Did To Help

  • We identified more than 50 quick win initiatives across more than 40 countries globally, with measurement of impact for selected initiatives (based on publicly available information)

  • We then shortlisted several quick win initiatives based on the ease of implementation versus revenue potential

  • Apart for introducing new initiatives, we also wanted to assess the existing customer experience and pain points and highlight any corrections required to improve their brand positioning. To do so, we did mystery shopping to visit the stores and distribution outlets of our client

  • Lastly, we addressed the implications and challenges which our clients faced , and set out which quick win initiatives should be rolled out first based on a project timeline basis

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