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For a leading telco in South East Asia, we conducted a business planning ideation workshop and developed a business plan for their content team


The Client Context

  • Our client was the leading mobile operator in their market and seen as the most innovative in the digital content space

  • In the past 24 months, their competitors had been copying our client’s content strategies successfully and were gaining share

  • With the potential entry of a new competitor, our client wanted to carve out its leadership in the digital content space more decisively in the upcoming year


  • Learn about key disruptive services in other competitive markets in Asia

  • Produce a set of preliminary ideas that could later be incorporated into the repositioning strategy

  • Develop strategic imperatives for the content team’s business plan

  • Produce a business plan that incorporates actionable ideas from the workshop

What We Did To Help

Data analysis

  • Carried out primary market research in China, India and Indonesia on consumer digital video habits

  • Assessed the impact of key disruptive technologies globally on the content sector

  • Analysed key trends in video, music, games and ecommerce in markets of interest

  • Produced detailed case studies of disruptive services

  • Developed 25 potential strategic areas of focus with tactical implementations for each

Workshop facilitation

  • Ran full day workshop with 40 members of client’s content team to share findings from the research

  • Based on analyzed trends and case studies, produced 25 ideas for the client to consider implementing

Strategy development

  • Worked directly with the clients’ content strategy team to develop strategic imperatives for content that fit with the client’s overall strategic pillars for the upcoming year

  • Produced key trends that shaped the content strategy development

  • Developed a framework to evaluate the market size and opportunity size for content verticals across video, sports, games, music and ecommerce

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