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For a challenger telco in Indonesia, we developed a vision and action plan for its OTT content strategy


The Client Context

  • Our client was targeting the youth segment and had launched limited OTT partnerships to date

  • The client wanted to develop a broader OTT content strategy that would appeal to its target market and allow it to differentiate itself from its competition in a sustainable way


  • Identify the client’s target audience’s content needs

  • Understand the types of content business models the client could implement

  • Produce a high level action plan of next steps


What We Did To Help

Data analysis

  • Carried out primary market research in Indonesia on consumer video habits across FTA, Pay-TV, and online platforms as well as mobile usage habits

  • Analysed key trends in video consumption globally and in Indonesia

  • Analysed the OTT content competitive landscape among telcos

  • Identified a wide array of potential content partners

Strategy development

  • Proposed PCA’s strategic framework which the client should use to further develop and solidify its OTT content strategy

  • Proposed a partner evaluation framework to bring a structured approach to partner selection

  • Developed and evaluated 2 content propositions for the client to consider

  • Highlighted key areas to focus on for Go-to-market planning across marketing, pricing, and user features

Workshop facilitation

  • Facilitated half-day workshop to share findings and collated inputs from the relevant teams in order to help the team develop its OTT content strategy for the following year

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