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We developed a disruptive home entertainment strategy for a leading mobile operator in Indonesia and helped operationalize it


The Client Context

  • Our client, a leading mobile operator in Indonesia, had recently launched its fixed broadband service in the market

  • They envisioned using content has a hook to grow subscribers without resulting to a pure price war while increasing ARPUs and reducing churn

  • They also wanted to use content to drive their convergence offering as the first player to offer a truly FMC proposition in the market

  • As there were already 6 existing well funded fixed broadband players in the market offering Pay TV bundled with fixed broadband, our client recognized their content offering had to be markedly different and had therefore decided to launch a digital only service

  • The clients BOD had provided the directive that no minimum guarantees would be paid to content partners



  • Develop the right content strategy for a digital only home entertainment service 

  • Identify and onboard content partners 

  • Help recruit the right talent to manage content internally 

  • Institutionalize internal processes that would support the new content team’s needs 


What We Did To Help

Developed a comprehensive content strategy that covered:

  • Content genres required

  • Target content partners (CPs)

  • Marketing requirements and planning

  • Pricing and bundling strategies

  • Technology roadmap

Analyzed existing customer behavior to draw out insights

Introduced Content providers and conducted negotiations

  • Produced a pitchbook to present to Content Providers

  • Set up meetings with senior stakeholders from content providers

  • Led and facilitated discussions with content providers

Implemented internal process to streamline content teams’ functions

  • Met with key stakeholders in finance and legal to gather requirements

  • Produced deal point memo to fast track and simplify CP negotiations

  • Produced internal billing flow to simplify billing and payment process

Identified and interviewed candidates for content positions

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