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We have conducted business ideation and strategy development workshops for a range of companies across APAC


The Client Context

  • Given the rapid developments in multiple market sectors, our clients also wanted to proactively understand the prevailing trends and emerging innovations from across the APAC region that they could adapt for use in their content businesses, including in video, music, gaming, epayments, eCommerce, new ecosystems

  • Our clients need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of their competitors. Do nothing is not an option. As such, our clients are looking to for “big play ideas” to implement in their business strategies that they can pursue in the next few years.


  • Explore the competitive landscape from other markets across the client’s core verticals, and identify big plays that the client can pursue.

  • Present key findings to the client’s various teams, and support the development of future business strategies

  • Facilitate inter-team collaboration and shape the business ideation process

  • As subject-matter experts, advise teams during business strategy development and guide during implemention


What We Did To Help

Primary and secondary research:

  • Conducted primary market research in China and India and SE Asia to understand content consumption habits and key drivers of content usage

  • Analysed recent developments in the Chinese, Indian, and Southeast Asian markets across video, music, gaming, epayments, eCommerce, new ecosystems, and identified relevant innovations


Ideation Workshop:

  • Consolidated our findings and insights into bite-sized, easy-to-understand sections applicable across all content teams

  • Hosted a day-long ideation workshop where we presented our ideas, fielded questions, and supported individual team members on integrating our recommendations into their business strategy planning

  • Facilitated inter-team groupwork and collaborative discussions, and drove co-creation process, formulating new innovations and business ideas

  • Reviewed proposed strategies and output from collaborative breakout sessions, and advised on possible areas for improvement

  • After the workshop, provided adhoc support to develop business plans

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