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The Digital Revolution: Emerging Trends in eWallets and Digital Banking


The advent of digital banks and eWallets poses serious threats to traditional banks – without the shackles of legacy systems or bureaucratic red-tape, digital banks are able to innovate faster and better, rapidly stealing market share away from the Goliaths of the banking world. These challengers are no Davids either – backed by all-pervasive superapps like Tencent’s Wechat (which doesn’t even come from a finance background), they have the resources and customer base to mount an effective assault.

  1. How will consumers balance convenience vs privacy in developed and developing markets?

  2. What will be the impact of the entrance of digital giants and superapps’ in banking and payments?

  3. What will be the impact on telcos and traditional banks?

This report explores the rise of digital banks and eMoney platforms across Asia, Europe and North America, and examines the potential threats and opportunities posed to banks and other industries.

We focus on the following key areas:

  • Understanding the eWallet landscape: the business model of eWallet platforms, the technology behind them, and the drivers and barriers to mass adoption

  • Examining the emergence of digital banks: their backgrounds (eCommerce, telecoms, insurance…), operational models, competitive strategies, etc.

  • Evaluating the threats and opportunities posed by digital banks and eWallet platforms, and the steps that incumbents are taking to defend their competitive positions

  • Assessing the impact and influence of superapps (like WeChat, Grab, Jio, etc.) on the digital banking and eWallets landscapes

  • Exploring the potential of blockchain and its use cases in finance

Table of Contents

1. The Digital Banking and eWallet Landscape


2. The Rise of eWallets

  • Latest trends and developments in the eWallet landscape: competitors from non-financial industries are getting in on the action

  • Business models of ePayments platforms and digital banks

  • Different technological implementations of eWallets: case studies from Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Singapore

  • eWallet adoption case studies from Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines

  • Drivers of and barriers to adoption of eWallets


3. The Emergence of Digital Banks

  • Latest trends and developments in the digital banking landscape: rise of challengers from different backgrounds

  • The business and operational models of digital banks

  • Governments and Digital Banks: exploring the Government’s position on digital banking in the Asian financial hubs of Singapore, Hong Kong, and the EU


4. Digital banks’ competitive strategies and unique value propositions

  • The value proposition and competition strategies of digital banks

  • Drivers of and barriers to mainstream commercialisation


5. Sustainability and paths to profitability of digital banks

  • The different profiles of digital banks: spinoffs from established banks versus up-and-coming startups

  • The road to profitability: case studies of startups and spinoffs

  • Trends and strategies of digital banks in achieving profitability


6. Threats and opportunities posed by digital banks and eWallets

  • Data-related threats and opportunities

  • Consumer mindshare and customer engagement implications

  • Revenue- and monetisation-related pitfalls

  • Threats to current business model

  • Consumer sentiment and preferences: how digital banks and eWallets stack up against traditional banks’ offerings, and the importance of consumer engagement plays


7. Defending against the challengers

  • The rush to digitalise: traditional banks’ efforts to transition to digital banks

  • Evaluating the success of different responses taken by banks across Asia: case studies from Asia, Europe, and America

  • Partnerships, JVs, and M&As


8. The impact of Superapps on Digital Banking and ePayments

  • What is a Superapp? What is an ecosystem?

  • The confluence of Superapps with banks and payments platforms

  • Superapps as Digital Banks and eWallets – Case studies from China and Asia:

  • Data-driven products: the advantage of ecosystem plays, and how superapps can leverage on their immense volumes of data

  • Conclusions: Superapps’ entrance has implications for both banks and payments platforms.


9. Blockchain and Finance – a new opportunity?

  • What is blockchain?

  • The application of blockchain to Finance: cross border payments, trade financing, digital identity verification, KYC/compliance/anti-fraud

  • Blockchain and gambling

Illustrative Output

We have included a short excerpt from this report as a sample. Content included here is intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not an exhaustive representation of the entire report.

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