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PCA’s Agile Team are now CSM® and CSPO® certified!

PCA core team has Certified Scrum Masters and Certified Scrum Product Owners!

It is now generally accepted that our way of working has changed forever. We have to work from home during the lockdown, and even afterwards the “new normal” will look different from what we have been used to. Now more than ever, we are dependent on digital products for work and play. Many organizations have already started using Agile/Scrum to transform their operations for this digital age but legacy mindsets and processes often mean that Agile frameworks are merely superimposed onto an organization’s operations like a bandage rather than a transformation. As a result, these efforts often fail to drive true change and companies continue to struggle against digital disruptors. Now, if anything, organizations need to change even faster!

Under the “new normal” how will you ensure your organization’s Agile implementation positions it to succeed in launching new services, improve operations and meet your business targets in 2020 and beyond?

Over the past 2 months, we at Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific (PCA) have been up-skilling ourselves to help our clients deliver results in 2020 and beyond. To start with, PCA’s Agile-ready core team have now been formally awarded the Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® accreditations by the Scrum Alliance.

This means that PCA’s team can help you drive innovation and digital transformation by:

  • Supporting your existing Agile teams, acting as Scrum Masters or Product Owners, working remotely where needed, to help you effectively develop and implement products

  • Guiding you in establishing each component of an Agile team, and mentoring this new team on Agile best practices to achieve effective transformation

  • Undertaking cost/ benefit analysis of implementing Agile / Scrum, if you are yet to do so.

For more information, please contact us.


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